jesse owen astin (siberiankisser) wrote in nomorelove,
jesse owen astin

new website opens july 18th.

hey... my new website ( will be open on july 18th, but the forums have been opened earlier... so go and "chat it up" and shit:

oh and the new record will be available through by early august and will contain these tracks: (no order)

"a common misunderstanding"
"the cotton army"
"stand still hotel"
"do you know sean hayes?"
"be spiritual"
"the co-operation"
"caught my breath"
"the day, alas, the day"
"so heres your song"

and hopefully a few newer ones... all songs are being remixed and mastered as of now... more news coming soon...

if you want to join the mailing list, reply to this post with your email.


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