.iliketolie. (evilsmurf666) wrote in nomorelove,

UOTF info

Post from David on Enjoyglu.com - "News from the powers that be: the album will be out in June on Locomotive/Megaforce. I am listening to the master and will be ok'ing the packaging design this week. All parties involved are going to make this worth while. As we have all waited literally for years for this release, im willing to do whatever it takes to get this record into the hands of die-hard glu fans and hopefully new people as well. I am building a team of people who can help in this effort, so if you wish to be involved contact myself or my manager. Info at my site www.davidreillymusic.com. Glu fans are some of the most loyal, patient fans i have come to experience, and got much love for you all."
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