Belushi (helpmehollywood) wrote in nomorelove,

Dave alive

i recently found myself in manayunk, PA with an old friend that you people might know and love. dave is ok. its possible their most recent album may be picked up by marginal label Locomotive Records soon. i spent a few days with him and reminisced on old times and tunes. hes still as talented and enthusiastic about his talents as ever. just a series of blows, starting with the death of monica, have been dealt to him over the past few years. give him sometime. you will hear from him again. in the meantime enjoy this snapshot that melissa took of us. dave and jeff got me into using snyths in my music, so im not just his friend, im his pupil. dave offered to participate on my record down here in atlanta at my home studio and hopefully i can give him the work and get the impeccable groove the guy possesses in return. buy the fluzee 7 ep. its got 'blaming the truth' on it, which is the best GLU song since the days of empty.


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